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ABC medium speed gas engines

Engines for commercial shipping

Anglo Belgian Corporation, commonly known as ABC, has an ear for its customers. As a result, the company has worked over the years to incorporate the demands of its clients as a priority for engine design. ABC's medium speed, 16 cylinders V-engine is an incredible design that offers a perfect balance between performance and efficiency. With the medium speed gas engine, ABC extends its power range to meet your demand for higher power output. Supplied by Marine Technics Baltia, the dual-fuel ABC medium speed gas engine ensures continuity of your engine in case there is a shortage of main gasoline. In addition to the straightforward, robust design, the engines can be maintained at lower costs due to the low-pressure system, which eliminates the utility of gas compressors in other systems.  

Model range: ABC dual fuel 6DZD, ABC dual fuel 8DZD, ABC dual fuel 12DZD, ABC dual fuel 16DZD.

Product range

Benefits at a glance

Lower costs and less lost space for the end customer - Low pressure gas supply, up to 500 mbar - avoids the use of gas compressors. 

In the event of a possible leak in the pipe, the gas does not enter the room - the gas line between the gas street and the engine is at ambient pressure. 

Optimal combustion - perfect mixture of gas with supplied air obtained by mixing in the gas mixer and the turbocharger. 

No common rail system required - the pilot fuel is injected with a direct mechanical injection (PLN - Pump Line Nozzle system). 

A simple and robust system. 

Fuel flexibility: CNG, LNG, waste gas, landfill gas.

Emission compliance: IMO Tier II, IMO Tier III, CCNR 2, EU Stage V.

Links & Downloads

Data sheet dual fuel (PDF)

Download Data Sheet Dual Fuel


Marine Engines Power Proplusion Solutions (PDF)

Download Marine Engines Power Proplusion Solutions


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