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Highlander HLD-SVDR 600

Voyage Data Recorders

Presented by Marine Technics Baltia HLD-VDR 600 (full DDR), as well as HLD-SVDR 600 (simplified DDR) is the new data logger of Highlander Digital Technology, designed to record and store data received from shipboard equipment, implemented in a special secure computer unit. Our equipment complies with the requirements of IMO A.861 among other certifications for safe marine navigation equipment. Some of the key features include the small compact design for easy installation, safe, and reliable software that is bug-free, adaptability for easier configuration with data acquisition module, and secure storage that is tamper-proof. The VDR data can be accessed remotely on mobile devices thanks to HI-Cloud connectivity.  

Product range

Benefits at a glance

STABILITY AND RELIABILITY: embedded operating system, proven software applications, lack of software errors.

SIMPLICITY OF INSTALLATION: distributed architecture for mounting individual elements close to recording sensors and devices.

SMALL AND COMPACT SIZE: installation is possible even in the narrowest areas of the wheelhouse.

FLEXIBILITY: independent image, serial data, non-standard signal data acquisition unit, flexible configuration depend on the requirements.

ADAPTABILITY: it is possible to configure with several blocks receiving serial data with the number of valid signals for recording requirements from various vessels.

LATEST DEVELOPMENT: video support via Ethernet for radar, ECDIS and other systems.

SAFETY: the data stored in the HLD-VDR 600 is resistant to external influences. Unable to edit or delete.

POWER: via a Hi-cloud connection, DDR data is available remotely via a common stationary or mobile device to achieve proper fleet management, registration and troubleshooting of ship systems. Data is provided in compressed form for budget transmission over satellite networks.

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Download HLD-VDR 600


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