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Koden sonar KDS-6000BB

Fish Finding Equipment

The Koden Sonar KDS-6000BB supplied by Marine Technics Baltia features the latest Broadband technology that allows users to change the frequency with up to 6 different presets. At the touch of a button, the user can recall all the previous settings. The equipment is user friendly and easy to operate. The scan speed is unrivaled and can detect objects around the vessel instantly. In terms of design, the unit is simples and compact which saves space and is easier to install. Depending on the fishing technique of target species, the equipment can be tuned from short to long ranges within 80-90kHz or 130-210kHz. With our equipment you won’t miss out on the clearest and most precise images and detections.   



Benefits at a glance

Advanced Broadband Technology: KDS-6000BB is world first Broadband searchlight sonar. The 80 to 90 kHz frequency or 130 to 210 kHz frequency can be selected depending on the Transducer. Frequency selection is as simple and fast as tuning a radio.

Digital signal processing enables high resolution images: Both high resolution in the near range and noise reduction characteristics in longer conditions materialize at a high level

User friendly operation with Conditional Memory keys: Six of CM (Condition Memory) keys offer the user to preset all the current settings and recall them instantly. It is like six sonars in one unit.

Black Box type: KDS-6000BB comes in black box. The user can choose a monitor from the market or the optional 17 inch LCD monitor.

Compact Hull case: Newly-designed compact Hull unit saves space on your vessel.

Links & Downloads

Koden Digital Sonar KDS-6000BB (PDF)

Download Koden Digital Sonar KDS-6000BB


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