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Nanni yacht engines

Yacht & Boat Engines

When it comes to yacht propulsion systems, Marine Technics Baltia is a granddaddy. Are you looking for an efficient, reliable and seaworthy engine? Well, you've come to the right place. Nanny yacht engines are designed to deliver immense power smoothly. The engines' robust design is independent of sophisticated technology, thus ensuring that maximum speed is easily reached due to optimized weight and volume leading to immediate torque. Nanni yacht engines are also eco-friendly due to exceptional low noise and gas emission levels. The ultra-modern engines provide a unique combination of performance, smooth operation, and maintenance. Additionally, the drivers have an enduring capacity that ensures delivery of full power in whatever conditions. As an exclusive distributor of marine equipment, Marine Technics Baltia offers a wide range of Nanni yacht engines for professional and pleasure applications.  

Model range: N4.38, T8V.320, N6.160, N13.430 CR2, N16.900 CR3.

Product range

Benefits at a glance


High torque, low revs

Optimized weight and volume

Onboard comfort

Highest environment standards

Links & Downloads

NANNI Product Guide (PDF)

Download NANNI Product Guide


NANNI World Wide Service (PDF)

Download NANNI World Wide Service


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