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Saura compass SR-165

Navigation Equipment

As your trusted partner in marine equipment supplies, we take pride in sailing with you all the time throughout your journey. The oceans are vast, which is why we would love to guide you through the paths safe and sound. You won't miss your way with our Saura Compass SR-165. Our model complies with the IMO and the authorized requirement that is in line with ISO-449. The compass bowl is uniquely designed to absorb liquid expansion for leak and air bubbles. The binnacle stand has a full deviation correcting facility for error compensation. The equipment is also light in weight and has a dual power supply of 100, 110, 200, or 220VAC.


Benefits at a glance

Easy to maintain

There is no need to replace the maintenance fluid annually

Unique ultra-reliable knot of rotation of the card, consisting of a needle made of platinum-iridium alloy and a reciprocal node mounted on a card made of sapphire

Short production times and the availability of the most popular models in stock

Large selection of compasses with different heights of binnacle (from 430 to 1225 mm.)

Links & Downloads

SAURA SR-165 Magnetic Compass (PDF)

Download SAURA SR-165 Magnetic Compass


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