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Anschuetz Gyro Compass Standard 22 NX

Navigation Equipment

Supplied by Marine Technics Baltia Standard 22 NX is the most popular gyro compass in the market due to its performance and reliability. Standard 22 NX uses sophisticated gyro compass technology based on 100 years of experience. Our equipment has the advantage of always showing the true north and doesn't get affected by magnets and irons. The input from the equipment can be fed into autopilot and radar for more straightforward navigation. The equipment is powered by electricity and has fast spinning wheels and frictional forces that accommodate the rotational forces of the earth. Based on our installations, the Gyro Compass Standard 22 NX is highly preferred due to its accuracy.  

Please visit our web shop, send us an inquiry and we will promptly give a quote and help in the purchase of equipment and spare parts!


Benefits at a glance

High accuracy of 0.1 degrees

Independent transmitting magnetic compass (TMC) path

Individual speed error correction

Quick settling reduces the settling time to 1 hour

Manual and automatic speed / latitude error correction

Compass monitor and selector with automatic switch-over (configurable)

Central alarm reset

Integration of magnetic compass, satellite compass and external rate-of-turn gyro

Short installation time and long maintenance periods

Rate-of-turn gyro with an accuracy acc. to IMO-Standards

IMO approved for standard and High-Speed Crafts

Links & Downloads

Anschuetz Standard 22 NX (PDF)

Download Raytheon Standard 22


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